Melanie Fuller

I always believed I lived a healthy lifestyle but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, I had to do some serious naval gazing and realised that I hadn’t been kind to myself for a very long time. So, I took the opportunity to read as much as I could and I built the most amazing team of people around me to help me to heal and to listen to my body – and boy, have I listened!  So, this Wellbeing Centre is dedicated to the people that held my hands, helped me get well again and taught me the power of letting go and learning just ‘to be’.   And if I can help one other person achieve the same peace of mind as I have now, I will have succeeded in my aim for the Centre.

My lovely friend told me there would be many silver linings with my cancer experience and one of them was becoming an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher; it is therefore a blessing and privilege to be able to offer these angelic healing sessions.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki

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Infra Red Sauna

Infra-Red Sauna

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Vital Air Activated Oxygen Therapy

Activated Oxygen therapy

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