Sandra Binns

As a Fybromyalgia sufferer of 10 years, I understand what it’s like to feel poorly, tense, anxious, tired, ache all over, get fuzzy heads, and not know which way to turn for help.

Massage and Reiki became a way of my life, they helped me relax, learn about and understand myself.

I offer One to One Meditation sessions for relaxation. I still meditate regularly to help me sleep.

My passion for helping people is so strong.

I am setting up a Local Fybromyalgia Group for sufferers in the HD8/9 areas, where peole can come along to the Holme Valley Wellbeing Centre, have a Tea/coffee, chat and meet other people in the same situation. I’m hoping to organise guest speakers occasionally.

I will be available at the Centre by appointment only on Monday, Friday afternoons from 2pm-6pm and Saturday mornings 10am-2pm

Contact Sandra on 07528 224624



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