Louise Harrris

Louise Harris

When I graduated from university with a degree in mental health nursing, I aspired to offer a therapeutic approach to those in need. The environment I found myself working in was very reactive and I was disillusioned and directionless. I left nursing to work in marketing and then moved on to a global healthcare company. After becoming a certified corporate based mindfulness coach, I have introduced the benefits of mindfulness into my workplace. The fortunate position of working in a large organisation and being an NLP and mindfulness coach has afforded me the opportunity to reach hundreds of employees globally with proven results in employee job satisfaction, focus, productivity and wellbeing.

I continue work in the healthcare industry in a busy commercial role and now as a mindfulness coach. Outside of work I’m a wife, a mother and we have a very energetic Labrador. My ability to stay present whilst juggling all these responsibilities is down to my dedication to a regular practice. Like everyone, I still experience the stresses and strains of modern life. The neural pathways that I’ve developed allow me to be less reactive, to stay present with and move through the challenges more gracefully, often growing hugely from the experience. This is a gift that I feel called to share with you.

A holistic approach

Beyond coaching, I’m a qualified Yoga teacher. Yoga has been part of my life for over 25 years and being able to integrate yoga and breath work into my coaching programmes opens up many opportunities to personalise each session. Working with energy through movement, breath and a clear intention is incredibly powerful. This can be enhanced further with reiki. I trained in reiki 14 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Channelling energy became a natural part of our family life whilst my children were little. It was our go-to strategy for dealing with any tummy pain, colds or fever.

Some years later I had a very profound response just to being in the presence of an angelic reiki healer which gave me the nudge I needed train in this method. The energy exchange that occurs during the process of angelic reiki practice is so gentle and uplifting. 

My most recent passion is creating and holding sacred space for healing, a journey which I feel called to pursue for the pure joy of connecting with our own bodies wisdom to selfheal. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than seeing one of my students reclaim their own personal power and finding the courage to heal.

Today, when anyone visits my home, they’re often struck by the number of plants – over 70 at my last count – they are all fuelled with reiki!







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