Homeopathy practise is varied and it can help many people with:

  • Men with Prostate problems, Diabetes, High blood pressure and other Circulatory diseases.
  • Women during Pregnancy, Menstrual problems, PMT, the Menopause.
  • Joint problems, Arthritis and Rheumatism.
  • Respiratory disorders including Allergies, Asthma and Hay fever.
  • Digestive problems such as IBS and constipation
  • Low Immunity, Fatigue and Reoccurring colds.
  • Trauma, Panic attacks, Nightmares, Depression and Anxiety.
  • Problematic skin ,such as eczema, psoriasis.


  • Initial consultation £55
  • Follow up consultations £50
  • Cost includes all homeopathic remedies given
  • Consultations last up to an hour
  • Clinics held last Friday & Saturday of the month

To book an appointment or to discuss how homeopathy can help you, call Katy on 07766 434349 or email on katy.amethyst@hotmail.co.uk

Homeopathy page: For more Information on how homeopathy can help you  go to www.findatherapy.org/homeopathy/katy-haigh

Allergy testing: For more Information on how an allergy test can help you go to www.findatherapy.org/allergy-therapy/katy-haigh




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Katy Haigh

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